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Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority at T.C. Truss. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. T.C. Truss, Inc. was the first truss manufacturer in California to receive the Valuestar Certification for customer satisfaction in 1997. We have been recertified ever since. Our commitment is to the following customer rights:
  1. To hold all staff accountable for providing excellent customer service.
    • communicate honestly with our customers
    • listen and be responsive to our customers' needs.
    • resolve all problems quickly with customer satisfaction in mind.
  2. To complete the job.
    • on time.
    • according to the service promised.
    • for the price quoted, or the amended quote.
    • with no surprises.

T.C. Truss Inc. began serving the central Coast and San Francisco Bay Area of California in April 1994. The Company was made up of former employees of Tri County Truss in Castroville who had served the same area since 1967.

The goal of T.C. Truss, Inc. is to build and design the highest quality wood roof and floor truss systems and to provide the highest level of customer service possible.

Our service area includes all south bay counties; San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda and Contra Costa as well as the central coast counties; Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito.

Customers include general and framing contractors as well as home owners.

A quote or price is generated free of charge from plans provided by the customer. The quote includes a 3D layout and plan view of the structure.

Truss engineering calculations are provided for the building planning and inspection departments of the local municipalities.

Quality Assurance is provided by C.L.I.S. (California Lumber Inspection Service.) This organization provides nonscheduled in-plant wood truss inspections per the Uniform Building Codes Standards. Inspection reports are available at T.C Truss, Inc. or through C.L.I.S. offices at P.O. Box 6989, San Jose CA. 95150.

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390 Shasta, Suite A

Sand City, CA. 93955

Mailing Address:

P.O.Box 766

Seaside, CA. 93955

831-393-3434 • 800-894-TRUS

fax/ 831-393-3440
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